Commit 5576a4eb authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Add --property-like in image list

Refs: #4220
parent f1e5b343
......@@ -209,7 +209,10 @@ class image_list(_init_image, _optional_json):
'output results in pages (-n to set items per page, default 10)',
enum=FlagArgument('Enumerate results', '--enumerate'),
prop=KeyValueArgument('filter by property key=value', ('--property'))
prop=KeyValueArgument('filter by property key=value', ('--property')),
'fliter by property key=value where value is part of actual value',
def _filtered_by_owner(self, detail, *list_params):
......@@ -227,31 +230,37 @@ class image_list(_init_image, _optional_json):
def _filtered_by_name(self, images):
np, ns, nl = self['name_pref'], self['name_suff'], self['name_like']
uuids = {}
def fish_uuids(img):
if self['detail'] and not self['json_output']:
uuids[img['owner']] = ''
return img
r = [fish_uuids(img) for img in images if (
return [img for img in images if (
(not np) or img['name'].lower().startswith(np.lower())) and (
(not ns) or img['name'].lower().endswith(ns.lower())) and (
(not nl) or nl.lower() in img['name'].lower())]
if self['detail'] and not self['json_output']:
uuids = self._uuids2usernames(uuids.keys())
for img in r:
img['owner'] += ' (%s)' % uuids[img['owner']]
return r
def _add_owner_name(self, images):
uuids = self._uuids2usernames(
list(set([img['owner'] for img in images])))
for img in images:
img['owner'] += ' (%s)' % uuids[img['owner']]
return images
def _filtered_by_properties(self, images):
new_images = []
def like_properties(props):
plike = self['prop_like']
for k, v in plike.items():
likestr = props.get(k, '').lower()
if v.lower() not in likestr:
return False
return True
for img in images:
if set(self['prop'].items()).difference(img['properties'].items()):
props = img['properties']
if (
self['prop'] and set(
self['prop'].items()).difference(props.items())) or (
self['prop_like'] and not like_properties(props)):
if self['detail']:
elif self['detail']:
......@@ -274,14 +283,16 @@ class image_list(_init_image, _optional_json):
filters[arg] = self[arg]
order = self['order']
detail = self['detail'] or self['prop']
detail = self['detail'] or self['prop'] or self['prop_like']
if self['owner'] or self['owner_name']:
images = self._filtered_by_owner(detail, filters, order)
images = self.client.list_public(detail, filters, order)
images = self._filtered_by_name(images)
if self['prop']:
if self['detail'] and not self['json_output']:
images = self._add_owner_name(images)
if self['prop'] or self['prop_like']:
images = self._filtered_by_properties(images)
kwargs = dict(with_enumeration=self['enum'])
if self['more']:
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