Commit 55226564 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Report error in case of incorrectly encoded terms

Fixes #41

This bug was located at the code that parses the command terms.
If a term is invalid with respect to the current locale settings,
an "Unknown error" was being raised.
Kamaki is now reporting a descriptive error with a reference to
the faulty term.
parent e19dd03a
......@@ -496,10 +496,20 @@ def main(func):
def wrap():
exe = basename(argv[0])
internal_argv = [arg.decode(pref_enc) for arg in argv]
for arg in reversed(internal_argv):
argv.insert(0, arg)
internal_argv = []
for i, a in enumerate(argv):
except UnicodeDecodeError as ude:
raise CLIError(
'Invalid encoding in command', importance=3, details=[
'The invalid term is #%s (with "%s" being 0)' % (
i, exe),
'Its encoding is invalid with current locale settings '
'(%s)' % pref_enc,
'( %s )' % ude])
for i, a in enumerate(internal_argv):
argv[i] = a
_config_arg = ConfigArgument('Path to config file')
parser = ArgumentParseManager(exe, arguments=dict(
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