Commit 44101d8a authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Updagrade error message for multiple clouds

Refs: #3979
parent c825ddc9
......@@ -255,10 +255,13 @@ def _init_session(arguments, is_non_API=False):
cloud = _cnf.value.keys('cloud')[0]
raise CLIError(
'Found %s clouds but none of them is set as default',
'Found %s clouds but none of them is set as default' % (
importance=2, details=[
'Please, choose one of the following cloud names:',
', '.join(_cnf.value.keys('cloud')),
'To see all cloud settings:',
' kamaki config get cloud.<cloud name>',
'To set a default cloud:',
' kamaki config set default_cloud <cloud name>',
'To pick a cloud for the current session, use --cloud:',
......@@ -282,7 +285,8 @@ def _init_session(arguments, is_non_API=False):
'No authentication %s provided for cloud "%s"' % (term, cloud),
importance=3, details=[
'Set a %s for cloud %s:' % (term, cloud),
' kamaki config set cloud.%s.%s <t0k3n>' % (cloud, term)])
' kamaki config set cloud.%s.%s <%s>' % (
cloud, term, term)])
from kamaki.clients.astakos import AstakosClient as AuthCachedClient
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