Commit 3b2f2705 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Remove deprecated "--hard" arg. from server reboot

parent 8240a4c5
......@@ -25,4 +25,5 @@ Features:
- Update account API commands to reflect changes in synnefo 0.16
- Implement a get_endpoint_url method and use it
- Rename kamaki.clients.Client.base_url --> endpoint_url, keep BW compatibility [#9]
- Remove deprecated --hard argument in "kamaki server reboot"
......@@ -744,8 +744,6 @@ class server_reboot(_CycladesInit, _ServerWait):
"""Reboot a virtual server"""
arguments = dict(
'perform a hard reboot (deprecated)', ('-f', '--force')),
type=ValueArgument('SOFT or HARD - default: SOFT', ('--type')),
wait=FlagArgument('Wait server to be destroyed', ('-w', '--wait'))
......@@ -754,11 +752,7 @@ class server_reboot(_CycladesInit, _ServerWait):
def _run(self, server_id):
hard_reboot = self['hard']
if hard_reboot:
'WARNING: -f/--force will be deprecated in version 0.12\n'
'\tIn the future, please use --type=hard instead')
hard_reboot = None
if self['type']:
if self['type'].lower() in ('soft', ):
hard_reboot = False
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