Commit 3a9e54b0 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Completed full pithos+ support at account level

Added full support for pithos+ headers and params for account
POST based operations, modified existing methods to take
advantage of this change
parent b758e547
......@@ -124,24 +124,50 @@ class PithosClient(StorageClient):
self.put(path, json=hashmap, success=201)
def set_account_group(self, group, usernames):
def account_post(self,
update=True, groups={}, metadata={}, quota=None, versioning=None):
""" Full Pithos+ POST at account level
--- request parameters ---
@param update (bool): if True, Do not replace metadata/groups
--- request headers ---
@groups (dict): Optional user defined groups in the form
{ 'group1':['user1', 'user2', ...],
'group2':['userA', 'userB', ...], ...
@metadata (dict): Optional user defined metadata in the form
{ 'name1': 'value1',
'name2': 'value2', ...
@param quota(integer): If supported, sets the Account quota
@param versioning(string): If supported, sets the Account versioning
to 'auto' or some other supported versioning string
path = path4url(self.account)+params4url({'update':None})
userstr = ''
dlm = ''
for user in usernames:
userstr = userstr + dlm + user
dlm = ','
self.set_header('X-Account-Group-'+group, userstr), success=202)
path = path4url(self.account) + params4url({'update':None}) if update else ''
for group, usernames in groups.items():
userstr = ''
dlm = ''
for user in usernames:
userstr = userstr + dlm + user
dlm = ','
self.set_header('X-Account-Group-'+group, userstr)
for metaname, metaval in metadata.items():
self.set_header('X-Account-Meta-'+metaname, metaval)
if quota is not None:
self.set_header('X-Account-Policy-Quota', quota)
if versioning is not None:
self.set_header('X-Account-Policy-Versioning', versioning)
return, success=202)
def set_account_group(self, group, usernames):
self.account_post(update=True, groups = {group:usernames})
def del_account_group(self, group):
path = path4url(self.account)+params4url({'update':None})
self.set_header('X-Account-Group-'+group, '')
r =, success=202)
return self.account_post(update=True, groups={group:[]})
def get_account_info(self, until = None, if_modified_since=None, if_unmodified_since=None):
def get_account_info(self, until = None,
if_modified_since=None, if_unmodified_since=None):
""" --- Optional request parameters ---
@param until (string): optional timestamp
--- --- optional request headers ---
......@@ -176,28 +202,18 @@ class PithosClient(StorageClient):
def set_account_meta(self, metapairs):
assert(type(metapairs) is dict)
path = path4url(self.account)+params4url({'update':None})
for key, val in metapairs.items():
self.set_header('X-Account-Meta-'+key, val), success=202)
self.account_post(update=True, metadata=metapairs)
def set_account_quota(self, quota):
path = path4url(self.account)+params4url({'update':None})
self.set_header('X-Account-Policy-Quota', quota), success=202)
self.account_post(update=True, quota=quota)
def set_account_versioning(self, versioning):
path = path4url(self.account)+params4url({'update':None})
self.set_header('X-Account-Policy-Versioning', versioning), success=202)
self.account_post(update=True, versioning = versioning)
def list_containers(self,
limit=None, marker=None, format='json', show_only_shared=False, until=None,
if_modified_since=None, if_unmodified_since=None):
""" Full Pithos+ GET at account level
@param limit (integer): The amount of results requested (server qill use default value if None)
@param marker (string): Return containers with name lexicographically after marker
@param format (string): reply format can be json or xml (default: json)
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