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Update store-manifest help

Manifest is kept for compatibility with OOS Storage
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......@@ -883,11 +883,14 @@ class store_overwrite(_store_container_command):
class store_manifest(_store_container_command):
"""Create a remote file of uploaded parts by manifestation
How to use manifest:
- upload parts of the file on a with names X.1, X.2, ...
- /store manifest X
An empty object X will behave as the result file of the
union of X.1, X.2, ...
Remains functional for compatibility with OOS Storage. Users are advised
to use the upload command instead.
Manifestation is a compliant process for uploading large files. The files
have to be chunked in smalled files and uploaded as <prefix><increment>
where increment is 1, 2, ...
Finally, the manifest command glues partial files together in one file
named <prefix>
The upload command is faster, easier and more intuitive than manifest
arguments = dict(
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