Commit 334338ce authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Raise a descriptive error for misconfigured cmds

Refs: #3663

A command group that is declared in the config file is not supported
by valid command specification code or the specification code is not
pointed at by <command>.cli configure variable
parent 58850eb0
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ def main():
global filelog
filelog = logger.add_file_logger(__name__.split('.')[0])'Log call: %s' % ' '.join(argv))'* Initial Call *\n%s\n- - -' % ' '.join(argv))
......@@ -31,21 +31,18 @@
# interpreted as representing official policies, either expressed
# or implied, of GRNET S.A.command
from kamaki.logger import get_logger
from kamaki.cli import get_command_group, set_command_params
from kamaki.cli import print_subcommands_help, exec_cmd, update_parser_help
from kamaki.cli import _groups_help, _load_spec_module
kloger = get_logger('kamaki.cli')
from kamaki.cli import kloger
from kamaki.cli.errors import CLIUnknownCommand
def _get_cmd_tree_from_spec(spec, cmd_tree_list):
for tree in cmd_tree_list:
if == spec:
return tree
return None
raise CLIUnknownCommand('Unknown command: %s' % spec)
def _get_best_match_from_cmd_tree(cmd_tree, unparsed):
......@@ -72,7 +69,13 @@ def run(parser, _help):
_best_match = []
spec_module = _load_spec_module(group, parser.arguments, '_commands')
if spec_module is None:
raise CLIUnknownCommand(
'Could not find specs for %s commands' % group,
'Make sure %s is a valid command group' % group,
'Refer to kamaki documentation for setting custom command',
'groups or overide existing ones'])
cmd_tree = _get_cmd_tree_from_spec(group, spec_module._commands)
if _best_match:
......@@ -81,8 +84,7 @@ def run(parser, _help):
cmd = _get_best_match_from_cmd_tree(cmd_tree, parser.unparsed)
_best_match = cmd.path.split('_')
if cmd is None:
'Unexpected error: failed to load command (-d for details)')'Unexpected error: failed to load command (-d for more)')
update_parser_help(parser, cmd)
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