Commit 2a1e7072 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Remove --vnc option from server info

parent df4781a4
...@@ -420,8 +420,8 @@ class server_create(_init_cyclades, _optional_json, _server_wait): ...@@ -420,8 +420,8 @@ class server_create(_init_cyclades, _optional_json, _server_wait):
arguments = dict( arguments = dict(
server_name=ValueArgument('The name of the new server', '--name'), server_name=ValueArgument('The name of the new server', '--name'),
flavor_id=IntArgument('The ID of the hardware flavor', '--flavor-id'), flavor_id=IntArgument('The ID of the flavor', '--flavor-id'),
image_id=ValueArgument('The ID of the hardware image', '--image-id'), image_id=ValueArgument('The ID of the image', '--image-id'),
personality=PersonalityArgument( personality=PersonalityArgument(
(80 * ' ').join(howto_personality), ('-p', '--personality')), (80 * ' ').join(howto_personality), ('-p', '--personality')),
wait=FlagArgument('Wait server to build', ('-w', '--wait')), wait=FlagArgument('Wait server to build', ('-w', '--wait')),
...@@ -503,12 +503,12 @@ class server_create(_init_cyclades, _optional_json, _server_wait): ...@@ -503,12 +503,12 @@ class server_create(_init_cyclades, _optional_json, _server_wait):
def main(self): def main(self):
super(self.__class__, self)._run() super(self.__class__, self)._run()
if self['no_network'] and self['network']: if self['no_network'] and self['network_configuration']:
raise CLIInvalidArgument( raise CLIInvalidArgument(
'Invalid argument compination', importance=2, details=[ 'Invalid argument compination', importance=2, details=[
'Arguments %s and %s are mutually exclusive' % ( 'Arguments %s and %s are mutually exclusive' % (
self.arguments['no_network'].lvalue, self.arguments['no_network'].lvalue,
self.arguments['network'].lvalue)]) self.arguments['network_configuration'].lvalue)])
self._run( self._run(
name=self['server_name'], name=self['server_name'],
flavor_id=self['flavor_id'], flavor_id=self['flavor_id'],
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