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kamaki tool manual page
**kamaki** <*group*> <*command*> [*options*]
:program:`kamaki` is a simple, yet intuitive, command-line tool for managing
List of available groups:
Edit configuration options. Config options are stored in ~/.kamakirc file.
Manage compute API virtual machines.
Manage compute API flavors.
Manage compute API images.
Manage compute API networks.
Manage Glance API images.
Manage store API.
--help Show help message and exit.
-v Use verbose output.
-d Use debug output.
-o KEY=VAL Override a config value (can be used multiple times)
config commands
* list list configuration options
* get get a configuration option
* set set a configuration option
* del delete a configuration option
server commands
* list list servers
* info get server details
* create create server
* rename update server name
* delete delete server
* reboot reboot server
* start start server
* shutdown shutdown server
* console get a VNC console
* firewall set the firewall profile
* addr list server addresses
* meta get server metadata
* addmeta add server metadata
* setmeta update server metadata
* delmeta delete server metadata
* stats get server statistics
flavor commands
* list list flavors
* info get flavor details
image commands and options
* list list images
* info get image details
* delete delete image
* meta get image metadata
* addmeta add image metadata
* setmeta update image metadata
* delmeta delete image metadata
network commands
* list list networks
* create create a network
* info get network details
* rename update network name
* delete delete a network
* connect connect a server to a network
* disconnect disconnect a server from a network
glance commands
* list list images
* meta get image metadata
* register register an image
* members get image members
* shared list shared images
* addmember add a member to an image
* delmember remove a member from an image
* setmembers set the members of an image
store commands
* create create a container
* container get container info
* upload upload a file
* download download a file
* delete delete a file
GRNET development team <>.
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