Commit 0e8ad118 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris

Add named arguments to project_modify

parent b7de6c12
......@@ -790,19 +790,54 @@ class project_modify(_init_synnefo_astakosclient, _optional_json):
arguments = dict(
'Specification file path (content must be in json)', '--spec-file')
'Specification file (contents in json)', '--spec-file'),
project_name=ValueArgument('Name the project', '--name'),
owner_uuid=ValueArgument('Project owner', '--owner'),
homepage_url=ValueArgument('Project homepage', '--homepage'),
description=ValueArgument('Describe the project', '--description'),
start_date=DateArgument('When to start the project', '--start-date'),
end_date=DateArgument('When to end the project', '--end-date'),
'Set join policy (%s)' % ', '.join(PolicyArgument.policies),
'Set leave policy (%s)' % ', '.join(PolicyArgument.policies),
'Set the member and project capacities for resources (repeatable) '
'e.g., --resource cyclades.cpu=1,5 means "members will have at '
'most 1 cpu but the project will have at most 5" To see all '
'resources: kamaki resource list',
required = [
'specs_path', 'owner_uuid', 'homepage_url', 'description',
'project_name', 'start_date', 'end_date', 'join_policy',
'leave_policy', 'resource_capacities', ]
def _run(self, project_id):
input_stream = open(abspath(self['specs_path'])) if (
self['specs_path']) else self._in
specs = load(input_stream)
specs = dict()
if self['specs_path']:
with open(abspath(self['specs_path'])) as f:
specs = load(f)
for key, arg in (
('name', self['project_name']),
('owner', self['owner_uuid']),
('homepage', self['homepage_url']),
('description', self['description']),
('start_date', self['start_date']),
('end_date', self['end_date']),
('join_policy', self['join_policy']),
('leave_policy', self['leave_policy']),
('resources', self['resource_capacities'])):
if arg:
specs[key] = arg
self.client.modify_project(project_id, specs),
self.client.modify_project(project_id, specs), self.print_dict)
def main(self, project_id):
super(self.__class__, self)._run()
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