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Empty Changelog, make it ready for new changes

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CHANGELOG for version 0.11
Bug Fixes:
- Avoid loading optional cmd groups specified in same pkg with mantatory
comand groups, except if user requests otherwise ( #4114 )
- Ignore subdir output in container_get with prefix+delimiter [#4134]
- Fix the split-input bug in repeatable k=v args [#4232]
- Adjust astakos authenticate to the new url scheme of synnefo >= 0.14 [#3832, #3874]
as a side effect, some renamings in astakos.AstakosClient:
info --> user_info, user --> list_users
- Simplify listings (kamaki.cli.utils: print methods)
- Enrich client API docs with examples and astakos endpoint information [#4135]
- Show user names in /file sharers [#4203]
- Show user name in image/server/network list [#4228]
- Remove kamaki compute image properties add [#4231]
- Add unittests in the folowing kamaki.cli packages: [#4058]
command_tree, argument, history, logger, utils
- Implement an optional astakosclient cli exposed as "astakos", with the following methods:
authenticate, uuid, username, quotas, service uuid/username/quotas
- Add some astakos/keystone kamaki-lib api calls [#3874], used to access astakos-calls cache:
get_services, get_service_details, get_service_endpoints
- Implement floating ip methods for compute and cyclades clients [#3862]
ComputeRestClient: floating_ip_pools_get, floating_ips_get/post/delete
CycladesRestClient: floating_ip_pools_get, floating_ips_get/post/delete
ComputeClient: get_floating_ip_pools, get_floating_ips,
CycladesClient: get_floating_ip_pools, get_floating_ips,
alloc/get_delete_floating_ip, dis/assoc_floating_ip_to_server
- Add Examples to documentation
- Implement floating IP commands
server ip list/create/delete/info/pools/attach/detach
- Implement --wait for server_create/delete/start/reboot/shutdown [#3867]
- Implement network_wait [#3862]
- Implement user_list/set/whoami to switch between session users [#3632, #3660]
- Expose more astakosclient methods in a 1to1 fashion [#4115]:
resources, feedback, endpoints,
- Implement resize_server and expose it as server resize [#4153]
- Expose the project API of astakosclient to kamaki CLI [#4155]
- Full support for compute v2 basic API [#4139]
- Use container:path format in register [#3778]
- Guess mimetype when uploading and use it in upload [#4196]
- Add upload local image abilities to register [#4206]
New register args: --update-image-file=/local/path, --no-progress-bar
- Implement an astakos.post_user_catalogs call for getting usernames from a
list of user uuids [#4203]
- Use multiformed ranges in file/pithos [#4059]
- Implement more filters in image/network/flavor/server/file list [#4220]
- Implement /image meta list/set/delete [#4231] metadata and properties
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