Commit 0399ac7e authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris
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Add json formated output for file list

- Implement a print_json auxiliary method in kamaki.cli.utils
- Add a (-j, --json) flag to file list
- When -j or --json flag is on, only json is printed

Refs: #3732
parent 36778d79
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ from kamaki.cli.command_tree import CommandTree
from kamaki.cli.errors import raiseCLIError, CLISyntaxError
from kamaki.cli.utils import (
format_size, to_bytes, print_dict, print_items, pretty_keys,
page_hold, bold, ask_user, get_path_size)
page_hold, bold, ask_user, get_path_size, print_json)
from kamaki.cli.argument import FlagArgument, ValueArgument, IntArgument
from kamaki.cli.argument import KeyValueArgument, DateArgument
from kamaki.cli.argument import ProgressBarArgument
......@@ -329,10 +329,14 @@ class file_list(_file_container_command):
'Show only objects that match exactly with path',
enum=FlagArgument('Enumerate results', '--enumerate')
enum=FlagArgument('Enumerate results', '--enumerate'),
json_output=FlagArgument('show output in json', ('-j', '--json'))
def print_objects(self, object_list):
if self['json_output']:
limit = int(self['limit']) if self['limit'] > 0 else len(object_list)
for index, obj in enumerate(object_list):
if self['exact_match'] and self.path and not (
......@@ -362,6 +366,9 @@ class file_list(_file_container_command):
page_hold(index, limit, len(object_list))
def print_containers(self, container_list):
if self['json_output']:
limit = int(self['limit']) if self['limit'] > 0\
else len(container_list)
for index, container in enumerate(container_list):
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ from sys import stdout, stdin
from re import compile as regex_compile
from time import sleep
from os import walk, path
from json import dumps
from kamaki.cli.errors import raiseCLIError
......@@ -100,6 +101,14 @@ def pretty_keys(d, delim='_', recurcive=False):
return new_d
def print_json(data):
"""Print a list or dict as json in console
:param data: json-dumpable data
print(dumps(data, indent=2))
def print_dict(
d, exclude=(), ident=0,
with_enumeration=False, recursive_enumeration=False):
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