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    Redesign http connection module · c2b5da2f
    Stavros Sachtouris authored
    Merge everything to kamaki.clients
    Remove multiple hierarchies of connection classes (== abandon support for
        alternative connection methods, e.g. for requests from pypi)
    New connection classes are
    - RequestManager
    - ResponseManager
        RequestManager constructor commits a request without performing it
          but it performs all sanity checks for url, path, method and params
        RequestManager.perform will perform the commited request, if called
        ResponseManager constructor needs a RequestManager instance
        ResponseManager.(various properties)
            request is pooled from a ContextManagerPool (objpool) when needed.
            Results are cached and used as long as the ResponseManager instance
            is alive
    Remove KamakiConnection/ResponseErrors, use ClientError wrapers for everything
    Remove the connection livetest
    TODO: Adjust unittests
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