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blog: Add blog post about Synnefo use cases

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layout: post
title: Call for Use Cases
date: '2015-02-12T05:45:00.001-07:00'
author: Dionysis Grigoropoulos
tags: [news]
modified_time: '2015-02-12T05:47:33.256-07:00'
Hello everybody,
while celebrating the release of Synnefo v0.16.1 we're looking to expand our
[Use Cases page][1] with more success stories. If you've used Synnefo
to deploy a private or public cloud, we would love to hear your experiences
regarding the software.
Feel free to share your story on our [mailing list][2] or our [IRC channel][3]
and we'll add it to our Use Cases page.
Thank you,
the Synnefo team
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