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title: Synnefo v0.16.1 Released
date: '2015-02-12T03:45:00.001-07:00'
author: Alex Pyrgiotis
tags: [release]
modified_time: '2015-02-12T03:47:33.256-07:00'
Hello Synnefo users,
The 0.16.1 version of Synnefo has just been released. This release is targeted
towards stability and as such, we have various bug-fixes. The main changes are
the following:
* Improved handling of projects (both API- and UI-wise).
* Updates and fixes for snf-deploy.
* Various bug fixes and improvements across Synnefo.
You can find a [complete changelog][1] in our docs page as well as upgrade
notes from the [previous release][2].
As always, feedback through our [mailing list][3] or [IRC channel][4] is highly
the Synnefo team
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