Commit ce1536e9 authored by Leonidas Poulopoulos's avatar Leonidas Poulopoulos

Added custom admin actions to User model

parent 1b897754
......@@ -65,7 +65,22 @@ class UserProfileInline(admin.StackedInline):
model = UserProfile
class UserProfileAdmin(UserAdmin):
actions = ['deactivate', 'activate']
list_display = ('username', 'email', 'first_name' , 'last_name', 'is_staff', 'is_active','get_userprofile_peer')
inlines = [UserProfileInline]
def deactivate(self, request, queryset):
queryset = queryset.update(is_active=False)
deactivate.short_description = "Deactivate Selected Users"
def activate(self, request, queryset):
queryset = queryset.update(is_active=True)
activate.short_description = "Activate Selected Users"
def get_userprofile_peer(self, instance):
# instance is User instance
return instance.get_profile().peer
get_userprofile_peer.short_description = "User Peer"
# fields = ('name', 'applier', 'expires')
#def formfield_for_dbfield(self, db_field, **kwargs):
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