Commit bff77975 authored by Leonidas Poulopoulos's avatar Leonidas Poulopoulos
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Handle a bug in South that causes the Peer table to become unusable after adding autoincrement

parent f8938aca
......@@ -5,10 +5,21 @@ from south.v2 import SchemaMigration
from django.db import models
# Probably due to a MySQL bug, the AutoField is not created properly and raises a
# "Warning 1364: Field 'peer_id' doesn't have a default value" exception on inserts via Django admin.
# This does not make sense... No exception comes up once insterts are done via MySQL cli or phpmyadmin
# What seems to cause this issue is a South generated sql query:
# will have to override _alter_set_defaults
def new_alter_columns_set_default(field, name, params, sqls):
db._alter_set_defaults = new_alter_columns_set_default
class Migration(SchemaMigration):
def forwards(self, orm):
# Changing field 'Peer.peer_id'
db.alter_column(u'peer', 'peer_id','django.db.models.fields.AutoField')(primary_key=True))
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