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Added Changelog file

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* v0.8.1
- Fixed bug with protected networks form cleaning
* v0.8.0
- DB migration to protocol addition
- Added protocol to match conditions plus check mechanism to form cleaning
* v0.7.11
- Prevented a bug that would cause the rule application to throw exception
* v0.7.10
- Turned expiration notification cron job into celery job
- Added a preliminary draft for a Makefile facilitating various jobs
* v0.7.9.7
- Added FQDN resolving in mail notification templates to denote the host that an action originated
* v0.7.9.5
- Added source address to required fields
* v0.7.9.2
- Added a custom command to fetch networks for each peer
- Altered database storage engine to MYISAM
* v0.7.9.1
- Replaced simplejson imports with json
* v0.7.9
- Added a custom uknown_host_cb function to overcome ssh key errors
* v0.7.7
- Removed utils/beanstalkc as it is now a deb package
* v0.7.1
- Modified peer network range update mechanism
* v0.7
- Added registration to installed apps
- Removed user activation in shibboleth backend
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