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Add Limitations section to Explain why a user should not belong to more than 5 peers.

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......@@ -87,6 +87,16 @@ And here is a PUT request example:
curl -X PUT -F "name=Example" -F "comments=Description" -F "source=" -F "sourceport=" -F "destination=" -H 'Authorization: Token <Your users token>'
A user can belong to more than one peer, without any limitation. This fact may
produce some limitations though, to FoD application. FoD uses polling for updating
dashboard and let users know about other users' actions, who belong to the same
peer. In order to fetch updates from all user's peers, FoD makes ajax calls for
any one of them. It is recommended not to add more than 5 peers to any user,
because it may cause malfunction to FoD application.
You can find more about FoD or raise your issues at GRNET FoD
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