Commit 1381e2d4 authored by Leonidas Poulopoulos's avatar Leonidas Poulopoulos

Altered user pending activation message

parent ce1536e9
......@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ def user_login(request):
login(request, user)
return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse("group-routes"))
error = "User <strong>%s</strong> is not active yet. Administrators have been notified and will soon activate this account. <br>If your problem persists contact Helpdesk" %user.username
error = "User account <strong>%s</strong> is pending activation. Administrators have been notified and will activate this account within the next days. <br>If this account has remained inactive for a long time contact your technical coordinator or GRNET Helpdesk" %user.username
return render_to_response('error.html', {'error': error, 'inactive': True},
......@@ -79,12 +79,12 @@ $(document).ready(function(){
{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
{% if error %}<h2>Error</h2>{% endif %}
{% if error %}{% if inactive %}<h2>Activation Pending</h2>{% else %}<h2>Error</h2>{% endif %}{% endif %}
{% if missing_attributes %}
<p>One or more required shibboleth attributes were not released towards this service</p>
{% endif %}
<p style="color: red;">{% autoescape off %}{{error}}{% endautoescape %}</p>
<p {% if not inactive %}style="color: red;"{% endif %}>{% autoescape off %}{{error}}{% endautoescape %}</p>
{% if missing_attributes %}
Required shibboleth attributes:<br>
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