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......@@ -24,5 +24,18 @@ a. Περιγραφή: Διανομή Ubuntu Mate εμπλουτισμένη μ
<A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/zZj0Q8cgHqFSdplAlxcaw1">32bit</A>
# Open Source Office Workstation distribution
<p align="justify">
Open Source Office Workstation is a distribution for usage in offices. It includes software like office suites, Calendars, Notes, Email clients, Document proccesor, graph applications, <br>
OCR, image proccesing and more..
a. Description: Ubuntu Mate Distrbution with open software for employers in public services.
The .iso distribution is available for download here: <A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/OaP50mRmW5y2uAK14AfoR5">64bit</A>,<A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/zZj0Q8cgHqFSdplAlxcaw1">32bit</A>
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