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The OS Developer distribution .ISO images can be downloaded from this links:
<A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/V7Nyum3zK15sRdAuhZXqi1">64bit Debian Jessie Edition</A>,
<A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/Hmcjo1rWYSS3YtG12mbps7">32bit Debian Jessie Edition</A>
<A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/9rIbhFyInTVb5YrfrVmAn4">64bit Ubuntu Mate Edition</A>
<A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/1IEGW2tCtjE20zYruVC2H3">64bit Ubuntu Mate Edition</A>
<A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/REbrRkMMFiJJcySBHLNO55">32bit Ubuntu Mate Edition</A>
There is also available a virtual machine image for the OS developer distribution Debian Edition:
<A href="https://pithos.okeanos.grnet.gr/public/7J3Uu9eVhNu1FOQgykHFg5">64bit</A>
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