Commit 041fa4ee authored by Ασπασία Κατσή's avatar Ασπασία Κατσή

Merge branch 'distribution' into 'develop'


See merge request !147
parents 2b77b715 b859e101
......@@ -1583,7 +1583,7 @@ public function getpde(Request $request)
'id' => $object->specialty_id->entity->id(),
'name' => 'Δ Λυκείου '.$object->specialty_id->entity->get('name')->value,
'size' => sizeof($studentPerSchool),
'size' => sizeof($studentPerSchoolConfir),
'sizeconfirm' => sizeof($studentPerSchoolConfir),
'categ' => $categ,
'classes' => 4,
'limitdown' => $limit,
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