Commit 8f939e17 authored by Christos Stavrakakis's avatar Christos Stavrakakis
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Automatically apply patches

Use --auto-commit option to automatically apply patches for version
files, instead of ignoring them.
parent 88d15d7e
......@@ -304,10 +304,9 @@ def main():
build_cmd = "git-buildpackage --git-export-dir=%s"\
" --git-upstream-branch=%s --git-debian-branch=%s"\
" --git-export=INDEX --git-ignore-new -sa"\
" --source-option='\"--extend-diff-ignore=%s\"'"\
" --source-option=--auto-commit"\
" --git-upstream-tag=%s"\
% (build_dir, branch, debian_branch, ignore_regexp,
% (build_dir, branch, debian_branch, upstream_tag)
if options.source_only:
build_cmd += " -S"
if not options.sign:
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