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Refactory autopk

parent edcc5a4d
......@@ -150,49 +150,31 @@ def main():
# Get packages from configuration file
config_file = options.config_file or os.path.join(toplevel, "autopkg.conf")
packages = get_packages_to_build(config_file)
if packages:
print_green("Will build the following packages:\n"
raise RuntimeError("Configuration file is empty."
" No packages to build.")
print_green("Will build the following packages:\n" + "\n".join(packages))
# Clone the repo
repo_dir = options.repo_dir
if not repo_dir:
repo_dir = create_temp_directory("df-repo")
print_green("Created temporary directory '%s' for the cloned repo."
% repo_dir)
repo_dir = options.repo_dir or create_temp_directory("df-repo")
repo = original_repo.clone(repo_dir)
print_green("Cloned current repository to '%s'." % repo_dir)
reflog_hexsha = repo.head.log()[-1].newhexsha
print "Latest Reflog entry is %s" % reflog_hexsha
print_green("Cloned repository to '%s'." % repo_dir)
# Get current branch name and type and check if it is a valid one
branch =
allowed_branches = ", ".join(x for x in BRANCH_TYPES.keys())
if branch.split('-')[0] not in allowed_branches:
branch_type = versioning.get_branch_type(branch)
if branch_type not in BRANCH_TYPES.keys():
allowed_branches = ", ".join(BRANCH_TYPES.keys())
raise ValueError("Malformed branch name '%s', cannot classify as"
" one of %s" % (branch, allowed_branches))
brnorm = versioning.normalize_branch_name(branch)
btypestr = versioning.get_branch_type(brnorm)
# Find the debian branch, and create it if does not exist
debian_branch = "debian-" + brnorm
# Find the debian branch
debian_branch = "debian-" + branch
origin_debian = "origin/" + debian_branch
if not origin_debian in repo.references:
# Get default debian branch
default_debian = BRANCH_TYPES[btypestr].default_debian_branch
origin_debian = "origin/" + default_debian
except KeyError:
allowed_branches = ", ".join(x for x in BRANCH_TYPES.keys())
raise ValueError("Malformed branch name '%s', cannot classify as"
" one of %s" % (btypestr, allowed_branches))
repo.git.branch("--track", debian_branch, origin_debian)
default_debian = BRANCH_TYPES[branch_type].default_debian_branch
origin_debian = "origin/" + default_debian
repo.git.branch(debian_branch, origin_debian)
print_green("Created branch '%s' to track '%s'" % (debian_branch,
......@@ -202,7 +184,7 @@ def main():
# Merge with starting branch
print_green("Merged branch '%s' into '%s'" % (brnorm, debian_branch))
print_green("Merged branch '%s' into '%s'" % (branch, debian_branch))
# Compute python and debian version
......@@ -211,6 +193,10 @@ def main():
print_green("The new debian version will be: '%s'" % debian_version)
# Tag branch with python version
branch_tag = python_version
repo.git.tag(branch_tag, branch)
# Update changelog
dch = git_dch("--debian-branch=%s" % debian_branch,
......@@ -221,23 +207,23 @@ def main():
print_green("Successfully ran '%s'" % " ".join(dch.cmd))
if mode == "release":
# Commit changelog and update tag branches
call("vim debian/changelog")
repo.git.commit("-s", "-a", m="Bump new upstream version")
python_tag = python_version
debian_tag = "debian/" + python_tag
repo.git.tag(python_tag, brnorm)
f = open("debian/changelog", 'r+')
lines = f.readlines()
lines[0] = lines[0].replace("UNRELEASED", "unstable")
lines[2] = lines[2].replace("UNRELEASED", "Snapshot version")
lines[2] = lines[2].replace("UNRELEASED", "Snapshot build")
# Add changelog to INDEX
# Commit Changes
repo.git.commit("-s", "-a", m="Bump version to %s" % debian_version)
# Tag debian branch
debian_branch_tag = "debian/" + branch_tag
# Update the python version files
# TODO: remove this
......@@ -253,44 +239,44 @@ def main():
# Add files to repo
call("grep \"__version_vcs\" -r . -l -I | xargs git add -f")
# Create debian branches
build_dir = options.build_dir
if not options.build_dir:
build_dir = create_temp_directory("df-build")
print_green("Created directory '%s' to store the .deb files." %
# Create debian packages
build_dir = options.build_dir or create_temp_directory("df-build")
print_green("Build directory: '%s'" % build_dir)
call("git-buildpackage --git-export-dir=%s --git-upstream-branch=%s"
" --git-debian-branch=%s --git-export=INDEX --git-ignore-new -sa"
% (build_dir, brnorm, debian_branch))
" -i\/version\.py"
% (build_dir, branch, debian_branch))
# Remove cloned repo
if mode != 'release' and not options.keep_repo:
print_green("Removing cloned repo '%s'." % repo_dir)
rm("-r", repo_dir)
print_green("Repository dir '%s'" % repo_dir)
print_green("Completed. Version '%s', build area: '%s'"
% (debian_version, build_dir))
# Print final info
info = (("Version", debian_version),
("Upstream branch", branch),
("Upstream tag", branch_tag),
("Debian branch", debian_branch),
("Debian tag", debian_branch_tag),
("Repository directory", repo_dir),
("Packages directory", build_dir))
print_green("\n".join(["%s: %s" % (name, val) for name, val in info]))
# Print help message
if mode == "release":
TAG_MSG = "Tagged branch %s with tag %s\n"
print_green(TAG_MSG % (brnorm, python_tag))
print_green(TAG_MSG % (debian_branch, debian_tag))
UPDATE_MSG = "To update repository %s, go to %s, and run the"\
" following commands:\n" + "git push origin %s\n" * 3
origin_url = repo.remotes['origin'].url
remote_url = original_repo.remotes['origin'].url
origin = original_repo.remote().url
repo.create_remote("original_origin", origin)
print_green("Created remote 'original_origin' for the repository '%s'"
% origin)
print_green(UPDATE_MSG % (origin_url, repo_dir, debian_branch,
debian_tag, python_tag))
print_green(UPDATE_MSG % (remote_url, original_repo.working_dir,
debian_branch, debian_tag, python_tag))
print_green("To update repositories '%s' and '%s' go to '%s' and run:"
% (toplevel, origin, repo_dir))
for remote in ['origin', 'original_origin']:
for obj in [debian_branch, branch_tag, debian_branch_tag]:
print_green("git push %s %s" % (remote, obj))
def get_packages_to_build(config_file):
......@@ -298,12 +284,15 @@ def get_packages_to_build(config_file):
f = open(config_file)
except IOError as e:
raise IOError("Can not access configuration file %s: %s"
raise IOError("Can not access configuration file '%s': %s"
% (config_file, e.strerror))
lines = [l.strip() for l in f.readlines()]
l = [l for l in lines if not l.startswith("#")]
if not l:
raise RuntimeError("Configuration file '%s' is empty."
" No packages to build." % config_fule)
return l
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