Commit 14a5900a authored by Chrysostomos Nanakos's avatar Chrysostomos Nanakos

Remove useless type casting

parent a02a14e1
......@@ -417,7 +417,7 @@ static int tdarchipelago_open(td_driver_t *driver, const char *name, td_flag_t f
retval = -EFAULT;
goto err_exit;
prv->xseg = xseg_join((char *)XSEG_TYPENAME, prv->segment_name, (char *)XSEG_PEERTYPENAME, NULL);
prv->xseg = xseg_join(XSEG_TYPENAME, prv->segment_name, XSEG_PEERTYPENAME, NULL);
if(!prv->xseg) {
DPRINTF("tdarchipelago_open(): Cannot join segment.\n");
retval = -EFAULT;
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