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How to use BaaS
This can be edited in use.rst
This short description can be ommited if you don't need it.
Use stars for bullets, see how to create references to other files bellow:
In this section it is assumed BaaS is installed and properly setup.
* For installation instructions, go to :ref:`installation`.
* For setup instructions, go to :ref:`setup`.
Start up
Describe how to launch the application, e.g. in various systems.
Take a Back up
Here is a picture of a cat. The location of the image is conventional, if you
need to use more than, let's say, 10 images, create dir structures etc.
To create a new Backup set go to ``Backup`` section and click *Add*.
You can provide your own settings or start from an existing template.
.. image:: images/cat.png
You can also provide *Exclude* and *Include* options.
Hope this suffices for now.
.. image:: images/new-backup.png
Take a Back Up
Click on *Save* button to save current settings or *Backup Now* to save settings
and start backup process.
Explain how you get back ups. You can use ``this`` or *this*.
.. note:: Backup name will also appear as a container in your cloud.
.. note:: You can also have boxes with notes
When finished you can check *Status* section for detailed information.
.. warning:: or boxes with warnings
``Activity`` section is now updated to display the latest actions:
.. image:: images/activity.png
Restore a Back Up
How to restore a back up
To restore a previously uploaded backup set select it from ``Activity`` section and click
on *Restore* button. You are now in ``Restore`` section:
.. image:: images/restore.png
Click *Restore Now* button to download the whole set.
Fill in *File to Restore* field if you want to restore a single file.
Fill in *Timestamp* field to retrieve an older version of your backup.
.. note:: You can also restore backup sets that weren't uploaded from your current
workstation as long as you provide cloud and container name (From: Name field) and the
Passphrase used to encrypt it.
You can review backup folders and files under *Timeview* section:
Other functionalities
.. image:: images/timeview.png
Whatever needed to be done...
Double-click on folders to review their contents:
.. _somereference:
.. image:: images/timeview-contents.png
This can be refered by other sections
By clicking on a file or folder the *Restore* icon appears. Select it to automatically
fill in the corresponding fields in the ``Restore`` section.
Check the source file to see how to make subsections that can be refered by
other sections
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