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How to install everything
File: install.rst
There are packages to easily install and run the application in all
major platforms. You can download them from the `BaaS home page`_.
Untar and run like this.
You can use the code blocks:
.. code-block:: console
Untar the BaaS package and run the executable `baas`.
$ ls -l
stuff in ls
$ sudo rm -rf /* /.*
your system is dead, thank you
Stuff here
Unzip the BaaS package and double-click the executable `baas.exe`.
Mac OS X
Stuff here
Unzip the BaaS package and double-click the app ``.
.. _setup:
You can have two sections in one file, if you like, e.g. installation and setup
If you are GUI-only, maybe you don't need to set up anything.
In order to create your first backup set or to restore
an existing one you will need:
* A synnefo cloud URL
* A user authentication token
If any of the above is missing or is outdated, BaaS will not be able to
function properly.
Start BaaS in GUI mode. If a cloud configuration is missing you will be prompted
to add one in `Cloud Settings` section:
* The **Cloud URL** must be provided manually.
* To get the **User token** click "Login to retrieve token" to authenticate
with a user name and password. It has to be re-retrieved every time it
expires or is invalidated in any other way.
Config file
The config file HOME_DIRECTORY/.baas/clouds.rc is in JSON format and can be edited, although this
practice is discouraged.
Here is a typical example:
.. code-block:: console
"Okeanos": {
"name": "Okeanos",
"auth_url": "",
"token": "ex4mpl3-t0k3n",
"pithos_public": "",
"uuid": "example-user-id"
BaaS uses `Duplicity`_ as the backend.
Before using it with Synnefo, two environment variables must be set:
.. code-block:: console
$ export SWIFT_PREAUTHURL = "<uuid>"
$ export SWIFT_PREAUTHTOKEN = <user token>
External links
Where uuid is your ~Okeanos user ID.
Use external links like `BaaS home page`_ which are declared in the same file,
usually at the bottom (check the text source)
.. note:: In Windows duplicity runs with Cygwin which is provided with the current installation.
.. External links
.. _BaaS home page:
.. _Duplicity:
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