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BaaS User Guide BaaS User Guide
=============== ===============
BaaS general description, shown in the first page. Edit index.rst to change it. BaaS (Backup as a Service) is a service provided to Synnefo users in order to
backup their data to `Pithos`_ Storage. It supports encrypted, incremental backups
in a space and bandwidth-efficient way through a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
as well as a Command Line Interface (CLI).
Leave an empty line to change paragraph. Use `this notation`_ if you like. BaaS uses `Duplicity`_ as the backend.
What to write here? By convention, provide a general description then briefly BaaS GUI is implemented and supported by the `Synnefo Development Team`_ of the
refer to the licence and the development team and provide some contact details. `Greek Research and Technology Network`_ and is an open source project, licensed
under GPL v3.
Contents: Contents:
...@@ -38,3 +42,4 @@ Indices and tables ...@@ -38,3 +42,4 @@ Indices and tables
.. _Pithos: .. _Pithos:
.. _Synnefo Development Team: .. _Synnefo Development Team:
.. _Greek Research and Technology Network: .. _Greek Research and Technology Network:
.. _Duplicity:
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