Commit 2636c74a authored by Efthymia Bika's avatar Efthymia Bika
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Check local directory on restore

parent 9f20f4c1
......@@ -297,8 +297,11 @@
run_duplicity(false, restore);
function check_fields() {
return (check_backup_name() && check_directory("directory") && check_cloud());
function check_fields(restore) {
if(!restore) {
return (check_backup_name() && check_directory("directory") && check_cloud());
return check_directory("res-directory");
function load_status() {
......@@ -464,12 +467,12 @@
<div class="clearfix">
<div class="small-6 columns">
<a id="save_button" class="button radius left small"
onclick="if(check_fields()) backup(false);">
onclick="if(check_fields(false)) backup(false);">
<i class="fa fa-cloud-upload"></i>&nbsp;Backup</a>
<div class="small-6 columns">
<a id="save_button" class="button radius right small success"
onclick="if(check_fields()) save_backup_set();">
onclick="if(check_fields(false)) save_backup_set();">
<i class="fa fa-floppy-o"></i>&nbsp;Save</a>
......@@ -502,7 +505,7 @@
<div class="small-6 columns">&nbsp;</div>
<div class="small-6 columns">
<a id="restore_button" class="button radius right small"
onclick="if(check_fields()) backup(true);">
onclick="if(check_fields(true)) backup(true);">
<i class="fa fa-cloud-download"></i>&nbsp;Restore</a>
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