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Add scripts for Windows installation build

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BaaS Client installation build for Windows
I. Cygwin installation and setup
1. Download Cygwin setup.exe from
Important: Place the setup file in the same directory as the installation scripts
2. Execute install.bat
This will install Cygwin and prerequisite packages under .\build.
II. Node.js
1. Install Node.js from
2. Install nw-builder with npm install nw-builder -g
III. Clone repo and build
1. Clone git repo git clone ssh://
2. cd into baas directory to install node-webkit : npm install nw
2. cd .. to build : nwbuild -p win64 -v 0.12.0 baas --buildDir <cygwin_installation_root_folder>
if not exist "%~dp0\build" mkdir %~dp0\build
if not exist "%~dp0\build\packages" mkdir %~dp0\build\packages
#.\setup-x86_64.exe -q -N -n -d -R %~dp0\build -l %~dp0\build\packages -s -P python,gnupg,librsync-devel,librsync1,wget,python-setuptools,gcc-core,gcc
%~dp0\build\bin\bash.exe %~dp0\
cd ./build
export PATH=/usr/bin/:$PATH
gunzip lockfile-0.11.0.tar.gz
tar -xvf lockfile-0.11.0.tar
cd lockfile-0.11.0
python install
cd ..
gunzip duplicity-0.6.26.tar.gz
tar -xvf duplicity-0.6.26.tar
cd duplicity-0.6.26
python install
easy_install-2.7 pip
pip install python-swiftclient
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