1. 19 Oct, 2015 5 commits
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      Logout remote connection after getting credentials · d25b5b4b
      Stavros Sachtouris authored
      When a user clicks on "Get credentials", a new window appears
      where users can authenticate themselves. It is a remote window
      implementing whatever mechanism the target cloud implements.
      When the authentication window opens, the "Get credentials"
      button disappears.
      After the authentication is complete or canceled, the following
      operations take place synchronously and the order they appear
      - if the authentication window is open, close it
      - remove all cookies related to the account and pithos UI URLs
      - Reactivate the "Get credentials" button.
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      Implement a config system and a CLI · 07cab2e5
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      The config system is an extension of the kamaki config system,
      tailored to support configuration files with multiple clouds and
      multiple syncs. A sync contains all the attributes needed to sync
      a local directory with a remote container, included a reference to
      a cloud.
      The CLI is interactive and can be used to start, pause and control
      the syncing process.
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      Ensure server is up before launching GUI · 16aa56c8
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      Also, create an application token, unique for each run
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      Implement Agkyra GUI and helper · bfffdf9d
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