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......@@ -4,60 +4,22 @@ Installation
There are packages to easily install and run the application in all major
platforms. There is also the option for downloading the source code and
installing everything manually.
platforms. You can download them from the `Agkyra home page`_.
Untar the agkyra package and run the executable `agkyra`.
Unzip the agkyra package and double-click the executable `agkyra.exe`.
Mac OS X
Install from source
Essential Requirements:
* `Python 2.7 <>`_
* setuptools_
GUI requirements:
* nwjs_
.. note:: If the nwjs_ installation is skipped, the GUI won't function, but the
CLI will
When the essential requirements are installed, use setuptools to download and
install the agkyra package. It contains a back-end, a UI helper, a CLI and a
.. code-block:: console
$ pip install agkyra
.. hint:: if `pip install` does not work in windows, try `easy_setup`
To install the GUI, download the latest stable nwjs_ build and move it to the
agkyra source directory.
.. code-block:: console
$ wget
$ tar xvfz nwjs-v0.12.3-YOUR_OS-x32OR64.tar.gz
$ mv nwjs `$AGKYRA_SOURCE/agkyra/nwjs
TODO: Different names between operating systems
Unzip the agkyra package and double-click the app ``.
.. _setup:
......@@ -145,6 +107,6 @@ Here is a typical configuration:
Users can create as many clouds and syncs as they like, but only the
`default_sync` cloud is running each time `agkyra` is launched.
.. _Python:
.. _setuptools:
.. _nwjs:
.. External links
.. _Agkyra home page:
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