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Mention 'ask to sync' dialogue in docs

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...@@ -22,8 +22,12 @@ and `directory` information and press ``Save``. ...@@ -22,8 +22,12 @@ and `directory` information and press ``Save``.
.. image:: images/settings_empty.png .. image:: images/settings_empty.png
Otherwise, if the settings have been provided in a previous session and are If the provided settings are corrent, agkyra will establish a connection
sane and functional, agkyra will start running (syncing by default). with Pithos and get ready for syncing. You will then be prompted to allow
agkyra to start syncing. If you don't want to be asked again, untick
`Always ask before starting sync`.
.. image:: images/ask_to_sync.png
Menu Menu
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