Commit af0811f6 authored by Stavros Sachtouris's avatar Stavros Sachtouris Committed by Giorgos Korfiatis
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CLI: Print config errors, make them informative

parent eb9d624f
......@@ -48,8 +48,28 @@ class ConfigCommands(object):
"""Commands for handling Agkyra config options"""
cnf = config.AgkyraConfig()
def _validate_section(self, section, err_msg='"%s" is not a valid section'):
""":raises ConfigError: if the section is invalid"""
if not self.cnf.has_section(section):
raise ConfigError(err_msg % section)
def _assert_section_name(self, section, name, err_msg='%s "%s" not found'):
""":raises ConfigError: if the section name does not exist"""
if name not in self.cnf.keys(section):
raise ConfigError(err_msg % (section, name))
def _assert_has_option(
self, section, name, option, err_msg='%s "%s" has no option "%s"'):
""":raises ConfigError: if the option does not exist"""
if option not in self.cnf.get(section, name):
raise ConfigError(err_msg % (section, name, option))
def print_option(self, section, name, option):
"""Print a configuration option"""
self._assert_section_name(section, name or option)
if name:
self._assert_has_option(section, name, option)
section = '%s.%s' % (section, name) if name else section
value = self.cnf.get(section, option)
sys.stdout.write(' %s: %s\n' % (option, value))
......@@ -61,17 +81,19 @@ class ConfigCommands(object):
self.print_option(section, '', name)
if name:
self._assert_section_name(section, name)
content = content[name]
for option in content.keys():
self.print_option(section, name, option)
def list_section_type(self, section):
"""print the contents of a configuration section"""
"""Print the contents of a configuration section"""
names = ['', ] if section in ('global', ) else self.cnf.keys(section)
if not names:
ConfigError('Section %s not found' % section)
raise ConfigError('Section %s not found' % section)
for name in names:
print section, name
sys.stdout.write('%s %s\n' % (section, name))
self.list_section(section, name)
def list_sections(self):
......@@ -80,19 +102,20 @@ class ConfigCommands(object):
def set_global_setting(self, section, option, value):
if section not in ('global'):
raise ConfigError('Section "%s" not in global' % section)
assert section == 'global', 'section %s should be global"' % section
self.cnf.set(section, option, value)
def set_setting(self, section, name, option, value):
if section not in self.cnf.sections():
raise ConfigError('"%s" is not a section')
self.cnf.set('%s.%s' % (section, name), option, value)
def delete_global_option(self, section, option, yes=False):
"""Delete global option"""
assert section == 'global', 'Section must be global, not %s' % section
section, option, '%s option "%s" does not exist')
if (not yes and 'y' != raw_input(
'Delete %s option %s? [y|N]: ' % (section, option))):
......@@ -102,8 +125,9 @@ class ConfigCommands(object):
def delete_section_option(self, section, name, option, yes=False):
"""Delete a section (sync or cloud) option"""
if section not in self.cnf.sections():
raise ConfigError('"%s" not a section' % section)
self._assert_section_name(section, name)
self._assert_has_option(section, name, option)
if (not yes and 'y' != raw_input(
'Delete %s of %s "%s"? [y|N]: ' % (option, section, name))):
......@@ -118,6 +142,8 @@ class ConfigCommands(object):
def delete_section(self, section, name, yes=False):
"""Delete a section (sync or cloud)"""
self._assert_section_name(section, name)
if (not yes and 'y' != raw_input(
'Delete %s "%s"? [y|N]: ' % (section, name))):
......@@ -205,9 +231,8 @@ class AgkyraCLI(cmd.Cmd):
for c in self.get_names():
if c.startswith(prefix):
actual_name = c[len(prefix):]
print '-', actual_name, '-'
sys.stderr.write('- %s -\n' % actual_name)
if not line:
cmd.Cmd.do_help(self, 'help')
......@@ -238,6 +263,8 @@ class AgkyraCLI(cmd.Cmd):
except Exception as e:
LOGGER.debug('%s\n' % e)
if isinstance(e, ConfigError):
sys.stderr.write(self.config_list.__doc__ + '\n')
def config_set(self, args):
......@@ -254,6 +281,8 @@ class AgkyraCLI(cmd.Cmd):
except Exception as e:
LOGGER.debug('%s\n' % e)
if isinstance(e, ConfigError):
sys.stderr.write(self.config_set.__doc__ + '\n')
def config_delete(self, args):
......@@ -271,6 +300,8 @@ class AgkyraCLI(cmd.Cmd):
except Exception as e:
LOGGER.debug('%s\n' % e)
if isinstance(e, ConfigError):
sys.stderr.write(self.config_delete.__doc__ + '\n')
def do_config(self, line):
......@@ -287,6 +318,9 @@ class AgkyraCLI(cmd.Cmd):
except AttributeError:
except ConfigError as ce:
sys.stderr.write('%s\n' % ce)
def do_status(self, line):
"""Get Agkyra client status. Status may be one of the following:
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