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......@@ -58,13 +58,14 @@ SYNC serial. Then it determines the direction of the sync needed and marks
the new serial as decided by storing it in another special archive,
'DECISION'. Note that if an object has changed both in the local filesystem
and in the Pithos object-store, then the latter is given higher priority, as
it is considered the 'master' archive.) Finally, the syncer initiates the
syncing in a new thread.
it is considered the 'master' archive.) Finally, the syncer enqueues the
object for syncing.
Syncing an object
Syncing consists of several steps. First, the client which operates the
Syncing is run in separate thread and consists of several steps.
First, the client which operates the
source archive must prepare the object for transfer ('stage' it). Then the
target client pulls and applies the object to the target archive. The source
object is unstaged and, if syncing has succeeded, the target client calls
......@@ -102,9 +103,9 @@ from the SYNC serial, indicating that syncing has not completed. The
decision process will detect it and resume the syncing. However, since the
decision process is run often, it will also detect syncings that have not
completed because they are just still running. In order to distinguish and
exclude them, we keep in memory a 'heartbeat' entry for each active syncing
-- while an object is being transferred, the tranferring client is
responsible to keep the heartbeat up-to-date.
exclude them, we keep in memory a 'heartbeat' entry for each active syncing,
which records the thread that runs the syncing; we skip objects with an alive
syncing thread when deciding what to sync.
When syncing an upstream object to the local file system, there is a risk to
lose the local object if syncing fails after the object has been hidden, as
......@@ -125,10 +126,12 @@ Algorithm sketch
heartbeat: blocks probe while syncing, but candidates are kept for later
blocks new sync action while syncing
records for each object the thread that runs its sync (which can be
checked if it is alive)
if recent heartbeat for object found:
if alive heartbeat for object found:
abort (object is being synced)
if archive serial != sync serial:
......@@ -141,7 +144,7 @@ Algorithm sketch
if recent heartbeat found with different id:
if alive or recent heartbeat found:
abort (already syncing)
if previous decision serial found:
......@@ -150,7 +153,12 @@ Algorithm sketch
make decision with priority to master
add object/current id in heartbeat
sync_file (in new thread)
enqueue sync instructions
get sync instructions from queue
sync_file (in new thread; the thread is recorded in heartbeat)
......@@ -169,10 +177,11 @@ Algorithm sketch
remove object from heartbeat
include (serial, file) in failed serials
include (serial, file) in failed serials, if failed sync should not be
main loop:
for every archive, probe candidate files
for every file with updated serial, decide sync
launch syncs
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