Commit f23c6aa8 authored by Χάρης Παπαδόπουλος's avatar Χάρης Παπαδόπουλος
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Merge branch 'edge' into 'develop'

Fixed spacing in disclaimer

See merge request !220
parents f759a438 3fdddf4b
......@@ -78,8 +78,6 @@ import {
<a class="col-md-12" style="font-size: 0.8em; font-weight: bold;" href="" target="_blank">Οδηγός Σπουδών για το ΕΠΑΛ </a>
......@@ -95,7 +93,7 @@ import {
<div class="row">
<div class="row" style="margin-top: 20px;">
<div class="col-md-1 ">
<input type="checkbox" [checked]="disclaimerChecked | async" formControlName="disclaimerChecked" >
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