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# Output debugging info
# loglevel: debug
# Major version of Bootstrap: 3 or 4
bootstrapVersion: 4
# If Bootstrap version 4 is used - turn on/off flexbox model
useFlexbox: false
# Webpack loaders, order matters
- style
- css
- sass
# Extract styles to stand-alone css file
# Different settings for different environments can be used,
# It depends on value of NODE_ENV environment variable
# This param can also be set in webpack config:
# entry: 'bootstrap-loader/extractStyles'
extractStyles: false
# env:
# development:
# extractStyles: false
# production:
# extractStyles: true
# Customize Bootstrap variables that get imported before the original Bootstrap variables.
# Thus, derived Bootstrap variables can depend on values from here.
# See the Bootstrap _variables.scss file for examples of derived Bootstrap variables.
# preBootstrapCustomizations: ./path/to/bootstrap/pre-customizations.scss
preBootstrapCustomizations: ./myschool/pre-customizations.scss
# This gets loaded after bootstrap/variables is loaded
# Thus, you may customize Bootstrap variables
# based on the values established in the Bootstrap _variables.scss file
# bootstrapCustomizations: ./path/to/bootstrap/customizations.scss
# Import your custom styles here
# Usually this endpoint-file contains list of @imports of your application styles
# appStyles: ./path/to/your/app/styles/endpoint.scss
appStyles: ./myschool/myschool.scss
### Bootstrap styles
# Mixins
mixins: true
# Reset and dependencies
normalize: true
print: true
# Core CSS
reboot: true
type: true
images: true
code: true
grid: true
tables: true
forms: true
buttons: true
# Components
transitions: true
dropdown: true
button-group: true
input-group: true
custom-forms: true
nav: true
navbar: true
card: true
breadcrumb: true
pagination: true
jumbotron: true
alert: true
progress: true
media: true
list-group: true
responsive-embed: true
close: true
# Components w/ JavaScript
modal: true
tooltip: true
popover: true
carousel: true
# Utility classes
utilities: true
utilities-background: false
utilities-spacing: false
utilities-responsive: false
### Bootstrap scripts
alert: true
button: true
carousel: true
collapse: true
dropdown: true
modal: true
popover: true
scrollspy: true
tab: true
tooltip: true
util: true
* @file
* Contains
* Page callback for Aitisi entity entities.
use Drupal\Core\Render\Element;
* Prepares variables for Aitisi entity templates.
* Default template: aitisi_entity.html.twig.
* @param array $variables
* An associative array containing:
* - elements: An associative array containing the user information and any
* - attributes: HTML attributes for the containing element.
function template_preprocess_aitisi_entity(array &$variables) {
// Fetch AitisiEntity Entity Object.
$aitisi_entity = $variables['elements']['#aitisi_entity'];
// Helpful $content variable for templates.
foreach (Element::children($variables['elements']) as $key) {
$variables['content'][$key] = $variables['elements'][$key];